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Portfolio Management of Index Products-With LTR INDEX Top 5, we offer the opportunity to trade 5 TOP indices short to medium term.

Wouldn't that be great?

Simply get all relevant trading signals on the mobile phone in the morning and implement them at will in your own depot-emotionless, systematic & sustainable

long or short term trading

We offer Algo Trading and Algo Investment Systems

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading signals
for shares and indices, updated daily
Buy and sell prices

Sentiment Indicators

Sentiment calculation of stock markets, updated every day

Traderama Investment Monitor

Algorithms for analysis
longer-term trends and designing your own portfolio

With Traderama, you have the full range of algorithmic trading in your hand. Act long or short term. We certainly have a system for you too!

SELECT Algo outperformed the US market in 2018

SELECT Algo outperformed the US market. 2018 certainly goes down in history as a special one. December, in particular, has managed to create a great deal of uncertainty among investors. The movements were erratic and characterized by high sales pressure at low volume....

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Traderama Report 2018

2018 has been a major challenge for many investors and traders. The DAX (R) index has lost nearly 20% on an annual basis. The U.S. Indexes have started to decline significantly from Oct. 2018. It was an up an down with a tremendous of volatility to the end of the...

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ULTRA Germany 30 outperformed the DAX (R) in October

The ULTRA strategy - our strategy for hobby traders  -really outperformed the DAX (R) in October 2018. With 11 trades, cumulatively, more than 13% trading profit have been achieved. I.e. the profit per trade was greater than 1 percent with an average time in the...

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Algo Trading Performance in November 2018

November has been a mixed month for many indexes. Also, there weren't always nice setups to trade. In November, overall we have still achieved a positive result across all trading packages. A cumulated trading profit of 12.8% was achieved with 68 trades.   ...

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With Traderama, you become your own Investment Manager! You just need a brokerage account and get the signals from us

Become an Algo trader in 5 minutes – without programming

1. Select and order a trade package

 Choose which strategy and which stock package you would like to have. We offer numerous trading packages that can be ordered individually or in combination.

2. Receiving trading signals

 Whenever there is a trading signal for a stock to buy or sell, we will send you the detailed orders by email before the stock market opens. All details about the trading signals can be found in the email

3. Trade with your broker

  The signals can be traded at almost all brokers. Just take the signal and place an order. Quite conveniently via mobile phone or online at the computer.

What customers say about Traderama:

Traderama Customer

“I have tested several of the packages offered by Traderama for 3 months and can only confirm the good other reviews. Even though the trading strategies is somewhat unusual-handling and result convinced me: very transparent, easy to implement, very friendly competent and quick answers, very good expense-result ratio and very good result. In short: highly recommended. Compliment! -I have now booked the most suitable package for another 12 months… “

Markus A.

“In fact, this service has a positive expectation value and shows great results in backtesting as well as in the current year. As in any signaling service, you have to comply exactly with the specifications of the service in order to copy the performance 1:1. However, this is actually possible in this service. I was already a customer in 2 other copytrading service providers, each of which landed in the minus. Especially one of the services had always emphasized his professional dealer team, but countable was not in sight. At Traderama, one can act on a computer-based strategy and diversify its own trading. That’s how I do it at least. The key is to find and choose the right package for each trade style. In the selection, Mr. Geke is at your side with advice. I am impressed and will continue to stay. Traderama actually works! “

Markus Ross

“Traderama is a very good, successful trading system, with the best I have seen in many years and one of the few that one can recommend to anyone.”

Stefan Müller

“The signals are good and easy to process and transfer to the broker. The performance is right and the additional information sent is of good content and goal-leading. Questions/comments are answered/clarified promptly and in detail. “


This is how the trading assistant “Traderama” works!


Traderama is a fintech online platform of Dr. Ing. Geke & Analysts

  • Traderama offers a variety of trading and investment algos that traders and investors can use for their own trading.
  • The Algos are traded in stocks and indices from the US and Europe
  • The algo-based trading systems daily analyze stocks worldwide for interesting opportunities
  • You will receive the trading signals via email several hours before the daily start of the stock exchange.


How does Traderama work?

  • Simply select a trade package, register online, receive signals and trade.
  • Which package suits you best, decide for yourself. We offer a range of different trading models
  • Our support is personally available for all questions about Traderama.
  • The trading signals can be converted with the pure share or also (if available) with share CFDs or leverage products.
  • Please note the risk warning for trading in equities or derivatives

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