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Traderama – no charts, just signals

Our mission

With our modern and ready-to-use trading packages and algorithms, we want to support all traders – from beginners to professionals –  to improve their trading results and achieve  sustainable profits in a systematic way.

Dr. Geke & Analysts

We are experts in the field of financial market analysis, mathematics and algorithmic trading systems.

Our brand: Traderama
We have deliberately opted for the name Traderama. Traderama is a composition of „trader“ and „ama“ (algorithmic market analysis)

Traderama Team

The founder of the Fintech platform Traderama is Dr. Michael Geke, Founder of Dr. Geke & Analysts. Michael has a natural science and business background and has intensively dealt with mathematical simulation models during his doctorate. He himself looks back on a career in the software and business consulting world, in which he was active for almost 20 years.


We follow the philosophy to bring processes and tasks in the financial world to a new level – with the help of algorithms, intelligent mathematical models and data analysis.

Research & Development

Since 2015 we have been dealing with forecast models in the business intelligence/big data field. On the basis of these models, forecast models and trading systems for the financial market and the analysis of financial markets were developed. The models were transferred to software solutions in the year 2016. We have validated our models with numerous analyses and tests and are proud to offer them on Traderama.

The core of our work is the further development of our existing model as well as the development of completely new systems for the sustainable profitable trading of securities.


We have developed Traderama as an online platform for the private user. We want everyone to be able to successfully manage their investments in the market with tools normally used by professional traders.

Dr. Geke & Analysts also serves professional customers with special trading solutions

Your job at Traderama
We’ve told you a little bit about us on our website. If you are interested in getting in contact with us-whether as an employee or an intern-then we look forward to hearing more from you. Please write to us and send your application to info@traderama.com

Our location

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