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Frequently Asked Questions & answers about dealing with the trading signals

When do I get the email with the signals for US stocks
In principle, we are waiting for the stock market closing at 22.00 pm CET in USA. After that, our systems calculate and we send the email with the signals.
At the latest until 9am CET on the following day, these emails will be sent so that you have enough time to place the order until 15.30 pm CET at the opening in USA.
How much capital should I take per signal?

That’s up to you and your budget. The performance charts and the key figures are calculated on the basis of a fixed capital stake. This capital stake is then converted into the number of shares per trade.

When do I get a buy signal?

If the trading system generates a buy signal for a share in your subscription, we will send it to you by e-mail every morning for the day.

When do I get a sell signal?

If a buy signal has been successfully executed on the trading day, you will receive a sell signal for the next day. We do not send sell signals for the day on which the purchase signal is active in the market.

Do I get a new sell signals every day?

Yes, you get a sell signal until the position is closed. The sell signal is also a limit order. This means that the price must reach this level in order sell the position.

If the price has not reached the sell limit, you will receive a new sell signal for the next day.

By this way, you just have to adjust the order to the new selling limit price.

How does the algo exit from an existing position?

We are getting out of a position with a triple exit management. We try to sell the position in the profit by a limit sell order within a few days. If the limit is not reached at a given day, the algorithm calculates and sends a new sell limit signal for the next day. Should the trade last longer than the period of approx. 5-10 days (depending on the algo), the sales mode changes to a „time-based“ exit because the price „starved“. This means that the limit sell order is lowered. If, over the entire holding period of the trade, the closing price is below an internal stop threshold calculated internally by the Algo, the stop management will be activated for the next day, which means that the limit sell level will be lowered again in order to get out of position.

Do I get an email with trading signals every day?

No, you will only receive an email with trading signals if a signal is calculated by the Algo in your trading package. You may not receive signals for several days or even weeks, if the stock market is barely moving and there is too little volatility in the market. Then no signal is calculated because the chance/risk ratio is not sufficiently high.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Trading Systems/algorithms

How do I interpret the backtesting results in terms of reality

We only use limit orders in our trading systems. Both for the buy and the sell orders. We do not use market orders or stop orders that are particularly susceptible to slippage. But with limit orders, either the price is reached (in the backtest and also in reality) or not.

Since we only rely on high-volume markets, the orders mainly come to execution.

How do the systems react in crash phases?

The principle of Traderama is not or only partly be invested in crash phases. But crash phases have also strong bounce potential, that we use to trade the rebound.

Are trading costs (transaction fees) included in the trading performance?
No, because the transaction fees from broker to broker are different, we have not included transaction fees in the performance calculation.
Touching price levels

In our trading results we have over a period of 1995 until today less than 1% trades, in which the price was only touched.

What is cum. Trading profit (%) / year

As a trader, we always consider the individual trade and its profit or loss. We always calculate the performance of our systems on the basis of the performance of the individual trades. The cum. trading profit (%) in a year is the sum of the trading profit from all trades in relation to the invested capital per trade. The trading performance is not comparable to the performance of your brokerage account.

Frequently Asked Questions & answers about subscriptions

What subscriptions does Traderama offer?

We offer subscriptions for 3 and 12 months

Can I change my subscription?
Within a subscription, you can switch from a 3-month subscription to a 12-month subscription. Contact us if you want to do this
What is a trading signal package?

A trade package is the products that Traderama offers. These packages always consist of an algo (e.g., Max or  Select) and a stock package (e.g. US 30 or US 100).

Customers select their desired combination on Traderama -e.g. MAX Germany 30 or Select US 30.