Max strategy

Trading signals for many traders to act on their own

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Max is our quantiative algo strategy for a heavy traders!

  • The Max algorithm responds most sensitively to market opportunities and thus generates numerous trading signals, which are also frequently traded at the same time. The average hit rate is about 70%.
  • Since Max is very often compared to select and Ultra, Max achieves the highest absolute trading profits.
  • Max is a reversal algo and thus a reversal system. Max tries to get deeper into a stock after a downward reaction and sell it profitably after 2-4 days.
  • Note: Max is not recommended for traders who only occasionally want to make a trade. The algos Select and Ultra are more suitable for this. 



MAX can be used with four stock package:

Germany 30 All 30 German stocks from the DAX (R) 
US 30 All 30 US stocks from the DJIA (R)
US 100 All 100 US stocks from the S&P 100 (R)
US Tech 100 All 100 US stocks from the Nasdaq 100 (R)


Pricing models and Ordering

Monthly subscription

At Traderama you can book our trading signals in 3 or 12 months subscription.

In the 12 month subscription we offer a discount of €20 per month against the 3 month subscription

One-time tickets

One-time tickets are limited in time. Tickets terminate automatically and do not need to be cancelled. Therefore, you can test our systems over a certain period of time


Pay-per-win Trade

Only pay for profitable trades! We only charge a fee if the ALGO has made a profitable trade.

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