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Trading signals for occasional traders

Traderama Select – For all occational traders & stock pickers

  • Traderama Select is an algo that selects very selective signals. For comparison: Select trades about 5x less than the Max strategy.
  • Select Filters the signals in addition to a special logic and achieves a significantly higher profitability per trade compared to max.
  • Select is like Max and Ultra a reversal system. That is, the system searches for stocks that have shown a downward reaction and calculates a return point at a certain price level.
  • Depending on the stock package, Select trades approx. one to four times a month. The time in the market is approx. 2-4 days per trade and there will be a profit(%)/trade of approx. 1-1.5% during this time.
  • Below you will find some key figures for the current select trading Packages. The basis for the key figures are the results of the individual trades over the period of Consideration. Explanations of the key figures can be found under Methodology.

Pricing models and Ordering

Monthly subscription

At Traderama you can book our trading signals in 3 or 12 months Subscription.

In the 12 month subscription we offer a discount on the monthly price compared to the 3 month subscription

One-time tickets

One-time tickets are limited in Duration. Tickets run automatically and do not need to be terminated. This is ideal to test the systems via a Zetiraum without Aboverpflichtung.


Pay-per-win Trade

Only pay for the profit trades! We only charge a fee if the ALGO has made a profit Trade.

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