Traderama Algo Trading & Investing for everybody

Traderama’s algorithmic trading signals help traders and investors systematically identify and trade opportunities in the stock market. We want to give you easy access to trading stocks. That’s why all Traderama systems are built so you can easily follow them. For example, you get the signals  well before the stock market opening. It only takes 5-10 minutes a day to be active with your trading.

Whether you are looking for algorithms that trade in the short term or invest over a longer period of time, we offer numerous different algorithmic trading & investing packages.

Convince yourself and test our packages for free for 14 days. If you have further questions, please call us. we are at your disposal.

Dr. Michael Geke

Founder, Dr. Geke & Analyts |

Emotionless and systematic Trading & Investing

  •  We offer both short term algo trading systems – MAX, SELECT, ULTRA and ARROW Algo – as well as longer term algo investing systems – LTR, MOUNT and SLIM Algo.
  • Why different systems? Every investor or trader should be able to decide for himself which system best suits one! Maybe you already have a strategy and are still looking for a supplement to your own method. You can find all that at Traderama.
  • How do the algorithmic systems work?
    • Both-  in Algo Trading and Algo Investing – we open a position from a trend change / reversal coming from a downward movement.
    • We use modern computer analyzes based on probability calculations, where a stock or an index could rise again. Our mathematical models are unique in the market as all the math is developed in our trading intelligence center in Germany.

How do we calculate our trading signals?

  • The Algos seek a buy signal when a stock or index has moved lower. The Algos are so-called trend reversal systems.

  • For the short-term trading algos we are only open a position for a few days. Details about the time period in a trade can be found on the pages of the respective algorithms.

  • Our Investment Algos try to hold positions longer. Here, the trading time period can be over 300 days.

  • The calculation of time and price for buy and sell signals is based on intelligent computer algorithms and our own specials trading intelligence.

You decide which algorithm should work for you and which stocks should be analyzed for you. We offer you numerous combinations of algorithm and stock package.

Become an Algo Trader in 5 minutes – without programming

1. Select your trading package

Choose which strategy and which stock package you would like to have. We offer you numerous trading packages, which you can order individually or in combination.

2. Receive trading signals

Whenever there is a trading signal for a stock to buy or sell, we will send you the detailed orders by email before the stock market opens. All details about the trading signals can be found in the email

3. Trade on your own account

The signals can be traded at almost all brokers. Just take the signal and place an order. Conveniently via mobile phone or online at the desktop at your broker

Trading Algorithms for short term trading

Investment Algorithms for midterm investing

The heavy trading Algo:
If you are looking for a lot of trading signals, MAX is right for you

The opportunistic Algo
Not so many trades but an excellent hit rate. Best for traders who just want to trade a little bit

The Portfolio Algo
If you want to build and manage a portfolio of stocks and invest for longer time periods. 

to be launched soon
beta phase

The Algo for hobby traders
This algo is a perfect compromise between signal frequency and signal quality

The dynamic algorithm
This system is our latest algo innovation and can be used in all market phases

to be launched soon
beta phase

to be launched soon
beta phase

Implementation of trading signals using stocks, CFD or leverage product

Using stocks

  • The prices of the trading signals can be taken directly one to one.
  • no leverage in the trade
  • depending on broker (especially for US stocks) increased transaction fees.
  • Anyone who trades predominantly American stocks, should have a suitable broker, which offers attractive conditions for the US market.

Using CFDs

  • Easily set an order on many CFD brokers via charting systems
  • often cheaper transaction costs than buying the pure share
  • lever option
  • the quotes at the CFD Broker may differ from the actual quoted prices on the stock exchange.
  • Not all stocks have CFDs
  • Derivatives risk / Issuer risk

Using leveraged products

  • Many leverage products (factor certificates, knock-outs, warrants, etc) are available for shares of numerous issuers
  • often cheaper transaction costs than buying the pure share
  • The buy and sell prices calculated by the algorithm must be converted to the leverage product.
  • Derivatives risk / Issuer risk
  • In some cases, there are „online computers“ on the websites of the issuers

You have questions about the algos and our algorithmic trading packages or you can not decide?

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