Terms of Use


  1. General Terms
    1. Dr. Geke & Analysts („DGanalysts“) based in Germany, 40668 Meerbusch, Am Anker 4, is the operator of the website www.traderama.com and www.traderama.de („traderama“). Traderama is an internet presence for the commercialization of trading signals.
    2. The following conditions apply to the use of all of our content and informations (i.e. trading signals) in any form (online, email, print).
    3. By using our website or by using information of DGanalysts, you agree to the terms of use.
    4. The contents bookable online on traderama are offered at rates for private customers and are reserved for private individuals without exception. Please use the online ordering options.
    5. Commercial or institutional customers are prohibited from booking, receiving and using content at the tariff for private customers. Please contact DGanalysts via the contact form or via e-mail info@traderama.com for an individual offer.
    6. The user assures to all details and further required data to traderama in the context of the registration and / or contact entry truthfully and completely to have indicated DGanalysts will electronically process and store the data provided by the user for the purpose of providing the service in accordance with legal provisions. In addition, reference is made to the data protection / privacy statement.
    7. It is the responsibility of each user to comply with any restrictions prior to calling traderama and in case of doubt to leave traderama immediately. DGanalysts can not guarantee that traderama and its content are in compliance with the laws of other countries.
    8. We point out that all content and offers on the websites operated by DGanalysts are non-binding.
  2. Links:
    1. The content of third-party websites that are accessed via direct or indirect links from traderama („external links“) is the responsibility of the respective provider. DGanalysts has no influence on their contents. At the time of linking, the website was once checked for possible legal violations. The audit revealed no violations. Continuous control of external links is not performed by DGanalysts.
    2. If there are violations on linked sites to third party websites, these will be deleted immediately upon discovery. We would like to point out that DGanalysts in no way makes contents or offers of linked third party websites its own. In addition, it is expressly pointed out again that DGanalysts does not pay damages for the use of external websites.
  3. Copyright / Trademark Law:
    1. For all content shown on our pages, we always make sure that we respect and uphold the copyrights of third parties. As far as possible, we use royalty-free content (such as images and graphics registered under, among others, the Creative Common License).
    2. Used brands or names are possibly protected by rights of third parties. These are subject to the unrestricted provisions of the applicable trademark law as well as the property rights of the respective valid and registered owners. The use of registered trademarks or protected names on our pages are only descriptive. DGanalysts excludes any advertising use.
    3. All content created and published by DGanalysts is copyrighted. Names or trademarks used on our pages are protected in favor of DGanalysts. In addition, DGanalysts reserves the appropriate protection (for example, names of trading systems, logos, etc.). The use or duplication of the contents in electronic or printed form is not permitted without the express written consent of DGanalysts.
  4. Availability:
    1. Availability of the website Traderama has general availability around the clock. Due to maintenance or malfunctions it can happen that traderama is not available. From a possible data loss of the user no claims for damages against DGanalysts arise. DGanalysts expressly reserves the right to alter, supplement or delete individual parts of the pages or the entire content or the entire offer without prior notice or to discontinue the publication temporarily or completely.
  5. Data protection:
    1. We refer to the privacy policy on our privacy statement
  6. Disclaimer:
    1. DGanalysts expressly does not provide investment advice.
    2. All free and paid content (eg trading signals) provided and published by DGanalysts are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an invitation to buy, hold or sell securities, derivatives or other financial products. Each person makes investment decision always on his or her own responsibility and at his or her own risk. DGanalysts excludes liability for material or non-material loss or damage.
    3. Risk information: The user is hereby expressly advised that trading of securities and derivatives is sometimes subject to significant price fluctuations and can lead to significant losses or even total loss.
    4. We point out that the content provided by traderama does not replace the competent, personal advice provided by recognized experts.
    5. The trading strategies of DGanalysts were statistically evaluated by backtesting. The backtesting periods are given in the factsheets for the trading strategy. Furthermore, statistics on the trading strategy are presented, which also show performance indicators based on the backtests. In order to be able to compare the trading systems we compute the performance indicators of the trading systems (trading performance) on the basis of the performance of the single trades. This is not comparable to the performance of an account. More about the definition of our trading figures can be found in the site Method. Performance indicators do not include fees or other costs. We expressly point out that past performance or statistical performance is not indicative of future performance. The warranty for future performance is excluded by DGanalysts. If you want to know more about our performance figures please write to us info@traderama.com
    6. The content provided by DGanalysts has been carefully reviewed. Should external sources be used for the presentation of content, these were checked by DGanalysts and rated as trustworthy and reliable. However, there can be no guarantee for the topicality, correctness or completeness of all provided content.
  7. Changes to the Terms of Use:
    1. The terms of use are reviewed regularly by us. If there are reasons that necessitate an adaptation of the terms of use, we will promptly perform and update them.
  8. Severability clause:
    1. These terms of use are to be considered part of traderama’s Internet site from which this page was referenced. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

Meerbusch, January 2018