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Traderama Ultra is a universal strategy.

  • The strategy achieves both excellent values in terms of profitability per trade, but also in terms of the number of trades per year.
  • While it is often the case that one of the two key figures suffers from the other, Ultra manages to meet both key figures particularly well.
  • Traderama Ultra is a reversal system. In other words, we are looking for deep increases in the shares and are rising to about 3-4 days. A reversal system needs a reaction on the underside. This means that the system is waiting for an optimal initial signal for a correction or a further increase in an upward trend.

ULTRA can be combined with the following stock packages

Germany 30 all 30 stocks from the DAX (R) 20
US 30 all 30 stocks from the DJIA (R)
US 100 all 100 stocks from the S&P 100 (R)
US Tech 100 all 100 stocks from the Nasdaq 100 (R)


Ultra Price models and ordering

Monthly subscription

At Traderama you can book our trading signals in 3 or 12 months subscription.

In the 12 month subscription we offer a discount on the monthly price compared to the
3 months subscription

One-time tickets

One-time tickets are limited in duration. Tickets run automatically and do not need to be terminated. This is best for testing over a certain period.


Pay-per-win Trade

Only pay for the profit trades! We only charge a fee if the ALGO has made a profit Trade.

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